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anyone hear Majority Report the other night and last night?

someone had the disingenuous sense to have Fascist News Network pundit Sean "Heil" Hannity on their show. At any rate, this man shoved people around in the Air America studio, he intimidated JG and Sam, and from what I've heard, made threats against JG, causing her to become very upset and she had a breakdown on the air last night. Crying and all that.

This is all the work of "Heil" Hannity, and I urge you all to never watch Fox news(other than to see the TRUE FACES OF EVIL), and to file complaints and grievances whenever his rotten specter appears in your media midst. What he did to a lovely woman like Janeane is something that is very typical of his kind. It is unforgivable. He is a man who will do the same to any of you.

I urge you all to send e-mails of support to MR and Janeane in particular, and e-mails of contempt and complaints to "Heil" Hannity's employers. The man is a criminal and should be prosecuted for emotional and physical battery. Why they have not charged him, I have no idea.

Make a citizen's arrest, somebody!

-tony, fan of JG and other bespectacled, brunette, fair skinned ladies...
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