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Felicity - How they look now

Keri Russell - Felicity Porter
She's in M:I-3 with... well, you now.

Scott Speedman - Ben Covington
January 18th, TRL. He's in Underworld 2: Evolution

Scott Foley - Noel Crane
January 18th, 2006 TCA Tour. He's in the new show, "The Unit". Also, He's in Connie and Carla like Javier.

Amanda Foreman - Meghan Rotundi
Picture from the 2005 movie "Happy Endings". She's been in Alias, Miss Match, Six Feet Under & Extreme Dating

Amy Jo Johnson - Julie Emrick
Making music and a couple of movies. Is in Outward Blonde with Hilary Duff coming this year. http://www.amyjojohnson.com/

Tangi Miller - Elena Tyler
Actress Tangi Miller walks the runway at the Meghan Spring 2006 show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios on October 20, 2005 in Culver City, California.
She's been in Half&Half, Living with Fran, Coldcase & the Division. http://tangimiller.com/

Greg Grunberg - Sean Blumberg
OCTOBER 6: Actor Greg Grunberg, and Keri Russell speak on stage at the Children's Defense Fund's 15th Annual Beat the Odds Awards, held at the Beverly Hills Hotel on October 6, 2005 in Beverly Hills, California.
He's also in M:I-3. Other than that, Alias & The Catch. http://www.amusing-cliche.net/greggrunberg/

Ian Gomez - Javier Clemente Quintata
"Jake In Progress" Season Premiere Party Jan 8 2006. He's in Connie and Carla like Greg.

Robert Patrick Benedict - Richard Coad
From some afterparty in October. He's in Alias like Meghan & Sean. Monk.

Donald Faison - Tracy
November 30, 2005. He's in that hospital-thing-show.

Amy Smart - Ruby
Jan 13 2006. M.A.C. Beauty Icon 3. She's also in that hospital show. The Butterfly Effect, Starsky & Hutch, filming Crank.

Sarah-Jane Potts - Molly
Kinky Boots Movie Party Oct 4 2005. The first picture is from when she was on the show.
Still hot. She's been in "American Dreams", "NYPD Blue" & Kinky Boots.

and of course;

Janeane Garofalo - Sally
Picture from the 2005 movie Stay. She's also in Fuck  and Southland Tales. http://www.janeane.net/

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