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I got some Janeane appearances on DVDs

One of my online acquaintances from the janeane.net message boards sent me five DVDs, all containing Janeane's appearances on talk shows, early stand-up appearances (although the 1995 and 1997 HBO specials were not included), political appearances, etc. 25 Lame is split between two of the DVDs (I guess there wasn't enough room on one, since it was the last thing on the DVD it started on, if that makes sense), and that will still make me laugh like a stoned hyena on nitrous oxide. There is a stand-up appearance from 1991, when she was 26 years old (younger than I am now!). She mentioned watching old home movies, and her sister being overturned in a playpen with a rock on top of it, and herself being tied to a tree with a jump rope. There was also a stand-up appearance from 1993--she had blond hair. I still don't think she looks good with blond hair. Several sitcoms with her as guest star, including (but not limited to) News Radio, Ellen (the funniest one IMHO), and Seinfeld. Several talk-show appearances, including a 20/20 segment. One Faux News segment. A special about Mystery Men in which she is in a comic book store, presumably to sign autographs but nobody shows up. Squirt TV, from MTV circa 1996, in which she talks about The Truth about Cats and Dogs and which breakfast cereals she loves (all of them). And one of my favorites, a short film she did back in the early 90s called Suspicion, which consists of Janeane (blond again!) being freaked out by a creepy gas-station attendant. This one really showcases her acting skills. And several other appearances as well. Anyway, I probably wouldn't have ever seen any of those (since I really only became a fan of Janeane's back in 2002 although I've liked her since I first heard of her in the late '90s, I just didn't really pay any particular attention to her. It wasn't until I saw her perform live for the first time that I began to look for stuff with her in it) if I hadn't gotten those DVDs.
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